We had the most amazing time of our lives Carol Cassidy - Surrey

There are too many highlights to name them all Arthur Gilmour - Norfolk

Everyday is a highlight Pamela Rhatigan - London

Loved being with a likeminded group and really bonding with them Jan Crump - Norfolk

Derek and Carol



Jemma’s trip is much more sacred than just a tourist trip Pamela Rhatigan - London

If you are thinking about doing a wild dolphin trip then Jemma Prittie’s you woman
Paula Montie - Manchester

Jemma has a total connection and love of the ocean and the island – i can’t recommend her highly enough Arthur Gilmour

One of the things that was so special was the Hawaiian healing ceremony.  I learnt so much and loved every minute! Carole Homer - London


Steph & Tom

Being able to snorkel was such a highlight – have never managed it before now! Jemma is so helpful and kind Jan Crump - Norfolk

This retreat introduces you to something totally unique, gives you time to reflect and really find yourself Sue Gilmour, Norfolk

Swimming with the dolphins has been out of this world. The whole holiday has been fabulous Pauline Bradbury - Norfolk

The highlight was the amazing swimming with the dolphins and hearing their beautiful sounds under the water Carole Homer - London


This retreat is a must do – so many exhilarating experiences Pamela Rhatigan - London

Everyday is an amazing day from there moment you get up to the time you go to bed Carole Homer - London

To sum up this trip its been a magical adventure on a beautiful island with the amazing energies of the dolphins Pauline Bradbury - Norfolk

The first time I went in the ocean I was so scared but as the days went on I got so much more confident and i had the most wonderful experience of my life – its breathtakingly wonderful
Paula Montie - Manchester

Getting into the water was the probably the biggest deal of my life and Jemma was very supportive and just got me in the water – she has an incredible skill to help people overcome fears and anxiety around the water. I wouldn’t have done it without her and I’m so pleased i got to overcome a lifelong fear – thank you Jemma! Derek Headon

We want to come again! Derek and I had the most amazing experience with you in Hawaii in March this year. It was magical. I would recommend it to anyone who has ever dreamed of swimming with dolphins. To swim with them in their natural habitat is the best experience ever. You get so much more than that on your retreats. Swimming with turtles and Manta Rays. Even beginners like us can do it with Jemma’s expert help. Getting us confident in the ocean was genius! Carol Cassidy

When we booked – it was a gut feeling! so we had no idea what to expect but have been totally blown away with what we have received. Jemmas love of the island and passion of the ocean has been infectious. I have probably spent the last 60 years with my eyes half closed. What we have seen under the surface of the ocean has been breathtaking, mind blowing and really really special. The energy from the island itself – from the volcano from the time we have had with Jemma and her contacts have made this pretty special so anyone who is thinking of making this journey I can assure you you will not be disappointed Arthur Gilmour

The Dolphin Retreat on The Big Island, Hawaii, was a very special and magical time for me. Jemma had everything arranged to flow smoothly; from picking us up at the airport, to arranging the wonderful spacious accommodation, swimming with turtles and manta rays, and of course the magical boats trips every morning to swim with the amazing wild Dolphin pods.

Swimming with wild Dolphins cannot be compared to swimming with captive ones – it is a totally different experience out in the ocean. It is truly magical, and not an experience to be missed! If you have ever dreamt of swimming with Dolphins, then I can’t think of anyone better than Jemma to do it with. She spends a lot of time on the Big Island and knows the island, its people, and of course the Dolphins, extremely well. She therefore has excellent knowledge, insight, and respect for them all; and consequently knows how to interact with the Dolphins on a much higher vibrational level than the average person… Pauline Bradbury - Norfolk

It was a huge huge thing for me to go to Hawaii, I was by myself but Jemma absolutely made sure that I was ok and if I was worried about anything I knew I could always talk to her. I was really really worried about getting in that water – I’m a strong swimmer but it was that whole thing – just even getting in the wetsuit and worrying about the temperature – it might sound completely trivial to everyone BUT for me it was a big deal and I did it 🙂
I think probably the best thing was seeing those dolphins and when one of those dolphins completely eyeballed me- I mean we had eye to eye contact – he zapped me 🙂
I also did get a feeling that I was completely in tune with them – I knew that they knew what I was thinking. On my last trip I was swimming with Jemma and I hadn’t really had my dolphin moment that particular morning and I was thinking “I want to leave on a high”. It was only then right at the last moment that suddenly out of nowhere came this pod of dolphins and I honestly know they had came to say goodbye. I think the dolphins did it for me and you can understand why its on peoples bucket lists. I think people have, have, have to do it and they have to do with Jemma because Jemma is a dolphin, basically :). So if you are with Jemma you are going to see dolphins because dolphins love Jemma, Jemma loves dolphins and I think it is an experience that one must have in their lives. The great thing with Jemma is you can be bespoke and if you want to do something she will do her upmost to make sure it happens and thats what so different thats why its so personal so get to Hawaii I say!
Georgiana Monckton - London