maybe the most transformative retreat you'll ever do...
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maybe the most transformative retreat you'll ever do...
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Join us for this once in a lifetime experience to swim with wild dolphins during a sacred retreat in Hawaii.

Swimming alongside beautiful wild dolphins may be a bucket list dream or perhaps you are going through a life transition and need a break or you want somewhere special to celebrate.

Whether you wish to be part of a group or have a private retreat organised or even plan a celebration or corporate function you are in the right place.

The Wild Dolphin Retreat in Hawaii is a breath-taking, awe-inspiring, life-changing trip which you will be talking about for years to come!

If swimming with dolphins has been something you have often dreamed of, now is your chance to make that dream come true. Under Jemma’s safe and experienced guidance, you will have the once in a lifetime opportunity to swim in the ocean alongside these beautiful wild creatures, and to totally immerse yourself in their wonderful, gentle healing energies.

There is no other place like the Pacific Ocean and this is your chance to enjoy its unparalleled beauty and mystery even if you have never snorkelled before or lack confidence in open water. Full training and support will be given to allow you to release any fears and to allow you to fully embrace this opportunity to swim alongside, the wild dolphins and other stunning marine life.

Imagine swimming amidst the multi-coloured fish, marvelling at the giant turtles, admiring the graceful manta rays, and relaxing and surrendering to the beauty of the ocean and Hawaii’s powerful energies.

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Wild Dolphin Retreats in Hawaii

A retreat unlike anything you have ever experienced before

“Its the best holiday I’ve ever had.” – Carole Homer

“Loved every minute.” – Jan Crump

“I felt part of the pod!” – Paula Montie

“I couldn’t swim properly as there were so many dolphins around me.” – Pauline Bradbury

“Jemma is a dolphin magnet!” – Derek Headon

“For a non swimmer getting in the water was euphoric” – Derek Headon

“Getting into the water was the probably the biggest deal of my life and Jemma was very supportive and just got me in the water – she has an incredible skill to help people overcome fears and anxiety around the water. I wouldn’t have done it without her and I’m so pleased i got to overcome a lifelong fear – thank you Jemma!” – Derek Headon

“Best time of my life” – Derek Headon

“We want to come again! Derek and I had the most amazing experience with you in Hawaii in March this year. It was magical. I would recommend it to anyone who has ever dreamed of swimming with dolphins. To swim with them in their natural habitat is the best experience ever. You get so much more than that on your retreats. Swimming with turtles and Manta Rays. Even beginners like us can do it with Jemma’s expert help. Getting us confident in the ocean was genius!” – Carol Cassidy