Bespoke Retreats

A trip to Hawaii doesn’t have to be a one-size-fits-all thing. There could well be a time when you’re after something just a little more… a tailored experience., something created just for you. If this is something that excites you then we would be happy to create a bespoke package tailored for all your requirements. A retreat in Hawaii could be the perfect gift to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, family holiday or even a team building event. When you’re creatng a bespoke trip, you get to hold the reins from start to finish. Whether you want a high quality hotel, cosy apartment, private or public transport, private dinners or the best in local food – the choice is yours. Our tailored trips are for any size. We cater for singles, couples, families, and business teams. A bespoke trip offers that extra level of personal service, from Day 1 to the departure lounge.

Options include:

  • 5-star accommodation
  • Private chef
  • Private boat
  • Chauffeur
  • Personal masseuse
  • Personal trainer
  • Private Yoga sessions
  • Private meditation sessions
  • Swimming classes
  • Bespoke tours of the island
  • Restaurant bookings
Planning an event requires expert knowledge and with our experience and knowledge of Hawaii we can create the perfect event with that extra touch of magic for you. It’s your trip and your itinerary so contact us to get the journey rolling.

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