“I have both visited dolphins in captivity and swum with them in the wild. Let me tell you from personal experience that there is a world of difference between the two” – Jemma

Going to see dolphins swimming at a marine park or aquarium may seem like fun but what many do not realise is the stress these animals feel after being captured and separated from their families. The methods of capturing these animals are cruel and many die during transit. In captivity, these highly social and wide-ranging creatures are forced to live in confined conditions, and once in captivity, dolphins have a much lower survival rate than in the wild. For those that survive the stress of confinement often results in behavioural abnormalities, illness, and often an early death. Those that do survive are unable to communicate, hunt, roam, mate and play as they would in the wild.

In captivity, dolphins cannot choose to interact with human swimmers, however, in the wild it is a completely different matter. In the open sea, there is a greater possibility of interactions with humans taking on a genuine playful quality. Only in the wild can you experience an authentic experience because they are not being forced to interact.

We believe that your experience with wild dolphins is greatly enhanced by having certain sensible guidelines. These allow the overall experience to be safe and enjoyable for humans and dolphins alike. Since dolphins are highly sensitive creatures and do not react well to loud noise or aggressive movement we always keep in mind that we are entering their territory. Participants are encouraged to wait for the dolphins to approach and avoid chasing, diving or splashing when they are around. Thus, trust is built up quite easily and naturally. This allows for the unexpected and miraculous to happen.

When you join us in this playful adventure we will guide you all the way. Full training and support will be given to allow you to release any fears so you can more fully embrace this opportunity to swim alongside wild dolphins and other stunning marine life. The retreat includes a number of boat trips where we take you to some of the dolphin’s favourite bays. We believe that because of our respectful and conscious approach, you will remember this ‘Wild Dolphin Retreat in Hawaii’ as a life-changing trip for years to come! So why not drop us a line to find out more.