What if I’ve never snorkelled before?

If you have never snorkelled before then you won’t be the only one! Many people who come have never snorkelled before and soon get the hang of it and grow to love it. Full training and equipment are provided and you are monitored at all times in the open water.

It sounds silly, but I’m afraid of ‘getting out of my depth’ in the open water?

There is no fear too silly and again this is a common fear. You do not need to be a strong swimmer. All we can say is that you are in safe, professional hands at all times and this is a wonderful opportunity to break through your fear and overcome whatever resistance you have to being out of your depth. This retreat isn’t just about swimming with dolphins, it’s about deep personal breakthroughs too.

Can I extend my trip?

Yes you can.  Please contact Jemma about this.

Can I book my own accommodation?

Yes you can.  We offer a discount for those who prefer to choose their own.  The only thing is you will need to get yourself to our condos for our group meetings and also if you want a lift to the boats etc.

Are the flights included?

No. You will need to book your own flights although we can offer assistance with which airlines to choose.

Are airport transfers included?

Yes. After you have booked your flight, please let us know your arrival details and we will make sure someone is at the airport to pick you up.

Can I arrive earlier or stay later?

Yes. If you wish to stay extra days and make more of a holiday out of it, you can arrange this direct with the resort.

Can I bring my partner with me – even if he is not on the Wild Dolphin Retreat?

Yes. Your partner would be most welcome and can stay with you for an extra cost for accommodation only

Can I bring my children?

Yes. Actually children are so loved by dolphins so they would of course be very welcome.

Are meals included?

Food is not included simply because everyone has different dietary needs and people prefer to choose their own meal times and we wanted to give you the most flexibility and keep this retreat as affordable as possible. We will take you to the local food shops and markets on your first day so you can select the freshest and most local ingredients. There is also a handy supermarket just across the road from your condo. And if you like coffee, we will take to the best local coffee shop which also happens to specialize in macadamia nuts.

Is it expensive to eat out?

If you choose to go for the full lobster meal then it can be expensive. But for everything else it is similarly priced to the mainland.

Are there sharks?

Dolphins and sharks don’t get on very well. I have been going to Hawaii for years and never seen a shark. They are around but it would be very rare to see one.

What type of travel insurance do I need?

Your insurance needs to cover you for snorkelling and swimming with dolphins. A suggested company who covers these activities can be found here: https://www.gotravelinsurance.co.uk/about/activities-covered

How big is the group?

10 people maximum to ensure a deeply personalised and intimate experience. Aside from the boat trips, you are also given as much space as you need to do your own thing and create your own experience.

Is it women only?

No! It just so happened that the 2016 retreat attracted all females, but both sexes are welcome. We trust that the make-up of the group will be energetically perfect in all ways.

Do you offer private groups?

Please contact me directly about this – yes we do :)

What if I don’t want to go home?

This really is the only negative about the whole retreat! But they do say that when you leave Hawaii you carry a piece of it in your heart forever. This experience will be so deep and enriching, it will become part of your soul. It’s something you will never ever forget.

If you have a question which is not answered here, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our team who will be happy to help.

What's your cancellation policy?

If you cancel more than 2 months prior to the retreat you will receive a 100% refund.

If you cancel less than 2 months you will receive the following refunds:

4- 8 weeks prior you will receive a 50% refund

less than 4 weeks you will receive a 10% refund

If you are on a payment plan you are liable for the above. Any outstanding payments you owe will need to be paid within 30 days after cancelling in writing.

All cancellations need to be done in writing

If you start paying for the retreat it is considered that you are a part of it.  Stopping payments does not count as a cancellation.

By making payments towards the retreat it is considered you are attending so if you cancel or are a no show then you are liable for payments as above. By making payments you are agreeing to be bound by these conditions.