February/ March 2019

Join us for this once in a lifetime experience to swim with wild dolphins in this sacred retreat in Hawaii. This is your chance to fulfil your bucket-list dream of swimming alongside beautiful wild dolphins, giant sea turtles, magical manta rays and possibly whales as you experience the profound and mysterious healing energies of the ocean and its sea life. This is a unique opportunity to fully immerse yourself into the healing vibrations of the dolphins and humpback whales of Hawaii. February and March are the only times of year the Humpback whales are around as this is their migration time.

You will learn how to communicate with the Dolphins, Humpback whales, Manta Rays and Turtles.

To accompany the dolphin’s healing energy, there will also be the opportunity and space for profound inner work, starting with a very special full moon meditation and ceremony at the Big Island’s volcano, to capture the magical power of the moon at its zenith. Led by a local Kumu (teacher) this is a wonderful moment for deep transformation, as you release the old energies to allow in the powerful new beginnings.

Dolphin Swims in Hawaii


Luxury Private king size bedroom (the only 4 star on the island!) in a 2 bed condo. You will be sharing shared spaces such as kitchen, bathroom and sitting room with just one other on our retreat.

You can opt for a single condo at an extra cost. Each condo comes with a full kitchen, washer/dryer, tv and sofa.

Dolphin Retreat With Jemma Prittie

The Boat

Uhane Nui O Nai’a (Great spirit of the dolphin)– This is a custom-built 40’ boat It is important with everything I offer that we only use the best of the best and China Mike and his boat really are that! “China” Mike has been surfing, diving and has captained boats on the Kona Coast for over 25 years and is one of the most experienced captains on the Big Island. He operated the first charter boat offering Dolphin Swims in Hawaii. He is a complete water-man, and his extensive knowledge of the coastline is unsurpassed.

Boat Amenities Include

  • 40′ USCG certified vessel
  • Custom built for snorkeling
  • Restroom & WARM shower
  • 25 passenger maximum
  • Very stable, smooth ride
  • Quiet engines
  • Comfortable padded seating
  • Two great ladders for easy access in & out of the water
  • Hydrophone for listening to whale song in season
  • Canopy offers shaded area
  • Pictures to download of every one of our trips
I have a fear of the water can you help?
Absolutely yes! One of my specialties is assisting people who are not comfortable in the water! A great number of people who have been out with me have started with having a fear of the ocean but finished completely confident!
What if I can’t swim?
It is possible to wear a life jacket and there are also floatation aids (noodles!) available to keep you more buoyant in the water.
dolphin retreat
Dolphin Swims in Hawaii
Dolphin Retreat With Jemma Prittie
Dolphin Swims in Hawaii

This retreat INCLUDES:

  • Accommodation
  • Dolphin boat swim
  • 1 manta ray night snorkel
  • Guided meditations with dolphins and whales
  • Snacks and refreshments on the Dolphin trips
  • Snorkel, mask and fins are provided for the duration of your stayAll travel is provided on everything we do
  • All travel is provided on everything we do

This retreat week will NOT include:

  • Your international flights
  • Please seek suitable travel insurance to give you adequate cover
  • ESTA application (where applicable, to enter the USA)
Dolphin Retreat Hawaii

What am I going to experience on this Wild Dolphin Retreat?

  • Swimming with wild dolphins wishing to interact and play with us
  • Watching Whales, feeling their presence within us
  • Tuition in animal communication
  • Snorkelling with Manta Rays in close proximity
  • Full Moon ceremony at the Volcano with a local Kumu (teacher)
  • Swimming with majestic sea turtles
  • The deep magic of the ocean
  • Hawaii’s healing energies
  • Amazing new friends
  • A deeply spiritual experience
  • And much much more!

How do I know if the Wild Dolphin Retreat is for me?

  • You long for the opportunity to swim with dolphins
  • You want to detox
  • You desire to see humpback whales through direct experience
  • You are interested in learning from Dolphins, Whales, Manta Rays and Turtles
  • You are interested in going deeper within yourself
  • You wish to gain greater peace of mind
  • You work hard and are due a special break
  • You feel ready to face any fears in the ocean and overcome them
  • You wish to feel the warmth of the sun on your skin
  • You long to tap into your inner knowing – the infinite source
  • You wish to immerse yourself in Nature
  • You wish to learn Hawaiian healing techniques

Your Retreat Host Jemma Prittie

Jemma Prittie is the Founder and CEO of Solar Events and has been running events since 2003. She is a trained animal communicator and has been swimming with wild dolphins in various locations all over the world for many years and coming to Hawaii to be with the dolphins for the last 20 years. She has a life long passion for dolphins and other marine life.

She has worked with autistic children, helping them in the water with wild dolphins, and has experience of helping nervous swimmers overcome any fears they might have. Jemma’s knowledge of the dolphins habits and lifestyles is extensive, and her deep connection with them will truly enhance your experience. She loves to speak about dolphins, so do ask her any questions you might have!

Hawaiian Sea

How To Get To Hawaii:

You should plan on arriving at least one day before the first day of the trip so you will be fresh and ready to begin your adventure.

You will fly into Kona-Keahole International Airport, airport code KOA.

Keep in Mind:

Experience the powerful energy of the live volcano, the diverse nature of Hawaii’s underwater “rainforest” and the home of spinner dolphins, giant manta rays, sea turtles and the magnificent migrating humpback whales.  We’re connecting with and observing wild animals in pure nature so we can never guarantee whale and dolphin sightings and/or the quality of the sightings but we’ll do our very best to provide amazing encounters based on the years of knowledge and experience of China Mike and Jemma Prittie.

Open your mind, let go of expectations, and allow your connection with the whales and dolphins to flow naturally.

The Wild Dolphin Retreat Investment Options

Packages from £4,000 to £20,000

Please complete our short application form to apply and I’ll arrange a personal call to talk you through the best options and help you plan your Wild Dolphin adventure in Hawaii

Other Options  

Additional nights can be booked – just speak to me and I can help. Do ask if you want help deciding on airlines and planning your trip

Dolphin Swims in Hawaii

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Dolphin Retreat With Jemma Prittie

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